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10 Unique Fitness studios in Dallas

Pop in and keep your body rocking.

Diana Trujillo
Posted on Feb 7, 2020

There are a ton of studios in Dallas and while there's certainly more to check out, we narrowed down this list by only including those that are locally owned, are easy to access and have a distinctive Dallas flair.


Terlingo Cycle
Terlingo stands out as the only fitness studio on busy Cedar Springs Road in the Oak Lawn neighborhood. Owned by long-time trainer John Terlingo, the cycling studio offers everything you'd expect in a cycling class: intense beats, a dark room and a sweaty 45-minute workout.


Class Studio
Class made its mark with a millennial-friendly aesthetic and instructors that moonlight as Dallas celebrities in training. Take your pick from their offerings of strength training, cycling, sculpt and sprint classes. And if you're from out of town and staying Downtown, the Uptown location is right off the McKinney Avenue Trolley route.


District Climb
District Climb makes our list for being the first Versaclimber studio in Dallas. And if you're a cycling fan, you'll love this studio. It may be 30 minutes of low-impact work, but if you think it'll be a piece of cake, don't worry. You'll be sweating by the second song. It's located in West Village, so a ride back to your hotel on the McKinney Avenue Trolley is also possible here.


Gym of Social Mechanics
Classes are offered in waves throughout the day and focus on functional training – think jumping, squatting and kettlebell swings. The space is inviting and airy, and they often prop up the garage doors to give you a glimpse at all the action along Greenville Avenue. You're going to work up an appetite. Lucky for you, HG Sply Co. is right next door.


East Side Athletic Club
If you want an old-school gym experience, check out East Side Athletic Club. Besides the traditional gym equipment you'd expect, the club (set in a warehouse) also offers group fitness training. Each day's class offerings have a specific focus (lower body on Mondays and Thursdays, upper body on Tuesdays and Fridays, etc.) with a substantial selection of class times on weekdays.


This no-fuss gym is focused on results and its class lineup, made up of offerings like 45-minute lower body sessions and HIIT classes, make that perfectly clear. The sibling owners also own a Title Boxing franchise location in Uptown. Its location on the southern end of Greenville Avenue makes it easy to reach from Downtown.


Session Pilates
Laying on a bed has never been so much work. The 50-minute pilates classes at Session are filled with muscle moves that get your heart going, all with the reassurance of a nearby instructor who will have you convinced you can do anything. The Allegro 2 reformer is the star of the show; if you're unfamiliar, show up to class early to get a quick tutorial.


Grit Fitness
If you seek variety, Grit Fitness is for you. There are 16 different classes offered at the studio, with the overall focus on cardio, strength or restoration. Those in the mood for sweating should check out Turbo Kick, a 45-minute class focusing on fast-paced kickboxing choreography.


Caulfield's Dance Fitness
A former Dallas Mavericks dancer is at the helm of this Dallas fitness studio scene. If that isn't enough reason to check it out, the studio takes the cake for being the only one dedicated to dance cardio in the area. A crew of inspiring instructors, including owner Cristin Caulfield, lead various class options, including one for kids and families.


Fit Social Club
The classes at Fit Social Club are just as tough as they sound. The 50-minute cycling class takes a refreshing approach to a crowd favorite with challenging choreography that'll push you hard. In the basement-level studio, intensity classes are taught with strength training favorites like squat racks, kettlebells and pull-up bars. Everyone gets their own station to put in the work and follow along with the instructor.