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How to check off 3 Margarita Mile spots in one afternoon

Good things come in threes and this Margarita Mile trio proves it.

Diana Trujillo
Posted on Jun 13, 2019

While the Margarita Mile surely has you exploring all over the city, there are three spots along the Mile that make it easy to get multiple check-ins in just a few hours. Located near Downtown Dallas, Meso Maya, El Fenix and Taqueria La Ventana are all next door to each other and share more than the 1600 McKinney Avenue block – their ties to Dallas history and amazing Margarita Mile offerings make them well worth a visit.


El Fenix

At 101 years old, El Fenix has been a staple in Dallas for generations. Its humble beginnings – founder Miquel Martinez started as a dishwasher before opening El Fenix predecessor, Martinez Café, in his home – have paved the way for the iconic Tex Mex restaurant we know today. Don't leave without getting your photo in front of the "Don't Mess with Tex Mex" mural!

Photo of El Fenix margarita in glass.
The El Fenix margarita featured on the Margarita Mile is a classic recipe and perfectly refreshing. 

The drink: It's all about the classics here, and the Original El Fenix Margarita is just that. Frozen or on the rocks, it's clear from the first sip why this one has been consistently named one of the best margaritas in town.

Food pairings: What else? Enchiladas! Since the 1950s, El Fenix has made Wednesdays that much better with their Enchilada Wednesday Special. For just $5.99, you get a dish of two hand rolled cheese, chicken or beef enchiladas, complete with a side of the traditional rice and beans.


Meso Maya

Meso Maya joined the block in 2012 and brought with it an upscale menu inspired by the regions of Central and Southern Mexico. Along with made-from-scratch salsas and tortillas, the restaurant features Spanish-style architecture (remains from the building's previous tenant, Luna Tortilla Factory, another Dallas institution) and a courtyard patio.

Margarita on table on patio at Meso Maya.
The De La Casa Margarita at Meso Maya is a tasty treat on a hot day in Dallas.

The drink: Their unique De La Casa Margarita, a comforting blend of Blue Weber Agave, Monte Alban tequila blanco, fresh lime juice and Oaxacan sea salt, is a tasteful and tasty delight.

Food pairings: Keep it light with the ceviche appetizer – they add diced jicama to the shrimp and white fish dish, giving it a nice crunch. For something heartier, go with the pollo con mole.


Taqueria La Ventana

Although it opened along with Meso Maya in 2012, La Ventana differs from its sister restaurants thanks to an outdoors-only space, giving it a backyard vibe. Order appetizers, tacos, bowls and other Tex Mex staples from the window before grabbing a table and enjoying the sun.

Photo of two margaritas on the La Ventana patio.
Enjoy a margarita - on the rocks or frozen - on the patio at Taqueria La Ventana.

The drink: This one is so good, it's the only margarita on the menu. The La Ventana Margarita is simply made and shines with a Tajin rim – perfect for giving your margarita a touch of spice.

Food pairings: While the tacos are the standout here, you can't leave without tasting their churros. The fried dough snack comes topped with sugar and there's a cajeta filling too, so don't expect to want to share.