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Bored at Home? Grab a Book and Support a Local Author

Check out our book suggestions with Dallas ties.

Paola Arias
Posted on Apr 23, 2020

Between the constantly developing news and general changes in our everyday life, we can all use a little distraction from our daily routines. Reading can be a great escape and luckily there are a few local authors to keep you connected to the city. Here are a few book recommendations to add to your next (online) shopping trip: 


The Big Finish, Booke Fossey
Brooke Fossey is an aerospace engineer turned writer. Her recently released book, The Big Finish, is a feel-good story about an unlikely pair – Duffy, an older man living in an assisted living home, and Josie, a troubled young woman. They learn from each other and show that it's never too late to change one's ways. You can order the book here.

Above Us the Milky Way, Fowzia Karimi
Publishing later this month, Above Us the Milky Way is a novel told through alphabetical chapters about a family forced to flee their home country and adjust to life in a new country. The novel is Fowzi's debut novel.

The Neon Palm of Madame Melancon, Will Clarke
The Neon Palm of Madame Melancon takes readers on a mystery joy ride set in New Orleans. The book takes readers into the life of corporate attorney Duke Melancon as he wrestles with two unseeingly related emergencies – a deep-water spill caused by his employer and the disappearance of his mother Madame Melancon.

Thrillers and True Crime

The Polygamist's Daughter: A Memoir, Anna LeBaron and Leslie Wilson
Anna LeBaron is one of more than 50 children fathered by Ervil LeBaron, one of the most notorious polygamists and murderers. She shares her haunting story in this memoir.

The Burn and The Dime, Kathleen Kent
Known for her crime thrillers, The Burn is Kathleen Kent's latest book and the sequel to The Dime, which follows Detective Betty Rhyzyk as she relocates to Dallas after living in New York. These thrillers will keep readers on their toes as they read on about the tough detective's struggles and run-ins with drug dealers and an apocalyptic cult. 


As part of Deep Vellum's Central Track Writers Project, the following publications were released late last year:

Everything Good is Dying, Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi  
Fatima is the founder of Dark Moon Poetry and Arts, a monthly series spotlighting creativity, poetry, visual art, music, and other projects created by local women and those who identify as non-binary. Find Fatima's book of poems on Deep Vellum's website.  

Dallas Spleen, Mike Soto
Mike Soto is a first-generation Mexican American writer raised in East Dallas and a small town in Michoacan. His debut book-length poetry, A Grave is Given Supper, is set to publish later this year. You can purchase Dallas Spleen here.

El Poemario del Colibri / The Hummingbird Poems, Edyka Chilome
Edyka Chilome is a queer artist activist and child of immigrants from El Salvador and Mexico. She was named a top 25 most influential artists in DFW by Artist Uprising Magazine in 2017. Her book of poems can be found here.

For Foodies

The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Texas Barbecue, Daniel Vaughn
Barbecue is king in Texas, and Dallas too. I mean, Texas Monthly even has a barbecue editor – Daniel Vaughn. We love our 'cue! It wasn't surprising when Daniel, a Dallas native lawyer turned barbecue writer, published a book. The Prophets of Smoked Meat is the perfect addition to your library if you're looking to eat your way through the state. The book includes a mention of Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum.

Tacos of Texas, Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece
Although these two authors don't have direct ties to Dallas, tacos are considered a staple in Texas (and Dallas) – breakfast, dinner, snack, you name it. Tacos of Texas takes readers on a journey of some of the best tacos around the state, specifically calling out trompo tacos in Dallas. Fans can also catch the docuseries with the same title. You'll see local favorites like Regino Rojas of Revolver Taco Lounge and Trompo's Luis Olvera. You can watch the Dallas episode here.

Children's Books

If you're looking for books your children will enjoy, author Nancy Churnin is a great option! The award-winning author is originally from New York, has lived in Dallas for several years and is a former theater critic for The Dallas Morning News. Her children's books are both educational and entertaining. Her latest book, For Spacious Skies: Katherine Lee Bates and the Inspiration for "America the Beautiful," tells the story of Katherine with the help of vivid illustrations making it a great learning tool for children.