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Falling for Dallas: Casey Brown of Streets, Beats and Eats Shares Her Dallas Loves

Enjoy food, fitness and activity pro-tips in this special Q&A.

Zane Harrington
Posted on Oct 28, 2020

If you are looking for Dallasites who are making a difference, you might be familiar with Casey Walker Brown, founder of Streets, Beats and Eats. Casey's blog and Instagram are dedicated to creating a positive space for growth and fun (which obviously includes all things Dallas), so we thought we would pick her brain and share all she knows! 
*During the course of this interview Casey and I realized that she is from the same town in Kansas as my cousins. They went to preschool together!

Q) I know you are not originally from Dallas, could you share some first impressions? Maybe some places you really enjoyed when you first moved here?
Yes! I am originally from the - relatively speaking - small town of Hutchinson, Kansas, and made my way to Dallas after going to college in Fort Worth… Go Frogs!

When I first moved to Dallas, I loved going on walks in different neighborhoods! Taking walks around Dallas neighborhoods really helped me get a lay of the land and I am so thankful I spent time doing that. Even if I hadn't shopped or dined somewhere, I could at least place things in my head when people talked about them. I also really leaned into the live music scene in Dallas, which is truly spectacular. I'm so hopeful that the music scene will be able to recover post-COVID-19 because my favorite memories have been made in places like House of Blues, Club Dada, American Airlines Center and Bomb Factory to name a few.

Q) Have you staycationed here before? If so, where have you stayed? And any bucket list Dallas hotels?
I love staying at The Adolphus and Omni in Downtown Dallas, but there are so many bucket list hotels in Dallas I would love to stay at! The new Pittman hotel in Deep Ellum and the Virgin Hotel Dallas in the Design District are at the top of my list for upcoming Dallas staycations.

Q) Favorite brunch, favorite lunch, favorite dinner. Go!
This is like picking a favorite child! Ugh! Okay, here goes nothing: breakfast at Bread Winners, lunch at Las Palmas and dinner at Pie Tap Pizza Workshop & Bar. PS - you forgot dessert… which is a tie between Azucar and Cauldron.

Q) Like many, fall is my favorite season. Any favorite Dallas fall activities?
We can't talk about fall in Dallas and not mention Autumn at the Arboretum! It's a must-do activity. I know this one will bring some flack, but I'm a Kansas City Chiefs fan, which sadly means I can't watch my games in person… but I do love watching the games at bars like Dibs on Victory. Lastly, this activity is new to me, but don't sleep on drive-in movies! Now that the temps are dropping a bit, it's the perfect time to take advantage of the drive-in.

Q) If you have a free afternoon or evening, which Dallas neighborhood would we typically find you in?
I'm a Deep Ellum gal! I love being able to walk around, hear live music from the sidewalk, and see art around every corner. Shopping, or even just browsing, at Flea Style. Green Room has been my go-to bar since I moved to Dallas, and I love spending time on the patio with some friends at Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard.

Q) Do you have a favorite place to relax - coffee shops, spas, perhaps a gym?
I am a stan of Vivian's Boutique Spa in Lower Greenville! It's my go-to spa in Dallas for a massage (pro tip: Joel is my favorite therapist). I also decompress by spending time in the gym; I love Fit Social Club and Session Pilates.

Q) As a food lover, most of my activities involve food, but do you have any recommendations for folks looking for non-food options?
There is a new Dallas indoor mini golf spot called another round, which I highly recommend. If art is your scene, The Fabrication Yard in West Dallas is worth checking out (it's on my bucket list!). Explore the boutique fitness studios Dallas has to offer. Go to Reunion Tower right before sunset and enjoy the beautiful views. Take a ride on the McKinney Avenue Trolley and jump on and off a few times to grab a drink at different bars. Do karaoke at Bryan Street Tavern, it's the best atmosphere and my go-to birthday party celebration!