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Fries to Try

Exploring Dallas one french fry at a time.

Loaded fries for days.
Kelsey Higham
Posted on Jun 29, 2022

It's one of the best days of our fries lives, National French Fry Day! In honor of this, we've steaked out some pretty great places to wedge in on your fry tour of Dallas in case you were waffling on where to go! So tighten up those shoestrings and let's explore some fries that you should try! Not sorry for the cheesy fry puns.


Village Burger Bar: Your Friendly Neighborhood Fry
Multiple Locations | Shoestring/sweet potato fry 

Stop in for their shoestring and sweet potato fries. These have a little more potato than the traditional shoestring fries, so if you like more of the outside of a fry than the inside then, these fries are for you. Best when you consume multiple fries at one, these fries can be tossed with truffle oil and parmesan for an added kick. If you really need a fry fix, get the trio mix for sweet potato, shoestring, and onion rings all at once.


Rodeo Goat: The Surprise Fries
Design District | Standard cut/loaded fry

The fries themselves are satisfying but the best way to do them at Rodeo Goat is loaded! These are handmade fries – go for the surprise, aka an adding of chili with bacon and jalapeños. Complete your order with a burger – the menu is full of great options!  


Toller Patio: The Waffle Fry
Bryan Place | Waffle cut fry

If you are looking for the perfect place to satisfy that waffle fry craving from a certain popular fast-food joint, then this is it! Toller Patio goes beyond just ketchup and has eight dipping sauces to choose from. Enjoy them on the coolest retro vibe patio while sipping out of a flamingo cup. Bring your friends and dogs because all are welcome!


Vegan Food House: The Vegan Comfort Fry
Bishop Arts | Steak cut fry

Have you ever felt so full that you don't think you could eat again for a week but you still want to try everything else on the menu? Vegan Food House's Southern comfort food does just that. The options are endless and if you are a steak fry person then this is a great try! It's packed with lots of seasoning and is very potato-y.


Manhattan Project Beer Company: A Crafty Fry
Trinity Groves | Standard cut fry

One of the coolest fries in town, and even better if you try them with a flight of beer. The flavoring is very unique and the seasoning complements the drinks nicely. Not only are the drinks and fries fun but the atmosphere inside and out at Manhattan Beer Project is a great place to spend an afternoon. You can also catch some live music in the beer garden. Don't forget to grab a pack of your favorite brew on your way out!


JAXON Beer Garden: The People Watching Fry
Downtown | Standard cut fry

Located in the AT&T Discovery District, this Texas-focused beer garden and restaurant is definitely worth a try. They have a classic, well-seasoned fries to enjoy along with a great selection of drinks while overlooking the district's open space. Ooh and aww over the massive screen just across the way. When it gets too hot for the patio, head inside; the restaurant has tons of space inside and there's plenty of room to roll with a big group.


Las Palmas – The Tex-Mex Fry
Uptown | Standard cut/loaded fry 

Now for something a little different, the nacho fry! The folks at Las Palmas bring an alternative to traditional cheese fries with this delicious combo of fries, queso blanco and pico de gallo. So if you are craving Tex-Mex ('cause when are we not?!) but also want to celebrate National Fry Day, you don't have to choose! Bonus: Las Palmas is a stop on the Margarita Mile, Dallas' colorful collection of the city's best margaritas.


Sloane's Corner: The Upscale Fry
Dallas Arts District | Standard Cut Fry

Do you want to feel more sophisticated but with a bistro vibe? Maybe a bubbly drink and a fry in hand? Perhaps you seek a more cultured day where you can stop at the Nasher Sculpture Center and just keep the vibe going. Then I suggest Sloane's Corner for happy hour! They have sour cream and onion fries topped with chives and garlic aioli sauce on the side. Why more fries don't come like this, I don't know – but it's genius.


Sundown at the Granada: The Sweet Potato Fry
Greenville Avenue | Waffle Cut/Sweet Potato Fry

If you want a good spot for brunch with $2 Mimosas or a cool patio to watch the sunset, try Sundown and its waffle or sweet potato fries. Traditionally, I'm not a sweet potato fry kind of person but these are pretty good! Plus, it comes with a fun view of the Granada Theater and Greenville Avenue, a vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu and great prices. Check out the restaurant's events calendar for a live music lineup, too!