Underrated Destinations in North Dallas

Discover an area overflowing with hidden gems

Royal China Restaurant
Sam Weiger
Posted on Aug 24, 2021

A trip to North Dallas guarantees a chance to visit some truly enchanting destinations that you, your family or your friends have never experienced. From virtual reality brawls to private room karaoke nights, the variety of North Dallas' best-kept secrets is off the charts!


 Zero Latency DFW

According to Forbes Magazine, virtual reality will transform our lives in the coming years. You no longer have to buy and configure your own headset to try it out. This 2,278-square-foot virtual reality experience features the only free-roam arena in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, so you'll have wireless headsets and plenty of room to explore as you venture into a new world!


Celestial Park

If you're looking for a place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, this tranquil green space will do the trick. This underrated gem is also an ideal spot for walking your dog, picnicking with friends or family, and taking photographs. The steps, which present engraved poetry, have set the stage for family portraits, wedding shots and even surprise proposals!


MyThai Massage & Spa

You have the opportunity to reduce stress, improve sleep and relieve body aches simultaneously at this healing hideaway. These massage experts perform a handful of traditional massages, which originated in Thailand 2,500 years ago! You can bring anyone you want for a couples massage and try out worthwhile add-ons like hot stones or aromatherapy. 


Royal China Restaurant

Located in the Preston Hollow shopping center, you'll find delicious dumplings in this long-running family-style Chinese restaurant. Try the Dumpling Sampler, then dig into hand-pulled, stir-fried La Mian. Royal China offers dine-in, curbside, pickup and no contact delivery so you can enjoy how and wherever you feel most comfortable dining.


Encore Family Karaoke

Don't let stage fright hold you back from a karaoke rendezvous with friends. This private room karaoke bar lets you sing your favorite songs without having to perform in front of a sizable crowd. You can customize the experience with ease, as this spacious spot boasts four different room sizes, a multiplicity of songs, and an abundance of Korean food! 


Bonnie Parker's Gravesite

Remember Bonnie and Clyde? Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were two of the most infamous criminals of all time, robbing countless convenience stores in the 1930s. Bonnie's mother loathed her relationship with Clyde and managed to have them buried separately. Traverse Crown Hill Memorial Park until your team locates Bonnie's decorated gravesite!