Dallas for Sagittarius

How to see the city based on your astrological sign.

AT&T Discovery District
Diana Trujillo
Posted on Nov 17, 2021

Use your astrological sign to guide you through Dallas! We've made it easy to build an itinerary based on each zodiac sign and it's now officially Sagittarius season. Here's what anyone with a birthday between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21 needs to know to plan a weekend getaway to Dallas.


Sagittarius Fact Facts

  • Needs stimulation; have a fear of boredom
  • Loves new adventures and has a hunger for knowledge
  • Friendly and makes friends easily
  • The world is their playground
  • Celebrity Sagittarius: Chadwick Boseman, Tina Turner, Jamie Foxx, Taylor Swift



Plan ahead, but not too much.

A natural ponderer, a Sagittarius is more likely to doodle and scribble a few major ideas for how they want to spend a weekend in Dallas versus a by-the-minute itinerary. Add the notes to your bullet journal, and plan to bring it along so you can reference it once your feet hit the ground. The expansive dreamer in you is happiest when you can be wild and free! 

Leave room for last-minute adventures.

A Sagittarius loves an impromptu activity, so leave space in your day for whatever the city brings your way. If you need a starting point, head to places like Klyde Warren Park or the AT&T Discovery District – the liveliness of either of these gathering spaces might lead you to a fun new activity!



Learn Dallas history.

Always one to be curious, a Sagittarius is full of questions and some of those questions might be about their latest destination. Learn all about Dallas with a fast and furious tour of the city's historical landmarks, leaving extra time for a thoughtful visit to the Sixth Floor Museum. Dedicated to the life and legacy of former president John F. Kennedy, the museum is essential to learning about Dallas' storied past.

And while today Dallas is a thriving metropolitan city, it was once much more in touch with its Western roots, and you can still explore all of its Western heritage. Bonus: many of those spots are a short walk or ride away from the Sixth Floor Museum, like Pioneer Plaza and Dallas Heritage Village.

Laugh a lot.

Known to many as the funniest of the zodiac bunch, a Sagittarius is all about some good laughs! Make your way to a local comedy club to get in your giggles. Hyena's Comedy Nightclub is known for showcasing up-and-coming talent, while the Dallas Comedy Club, a new-ish addition to Deep Ellum, features a variety of programming, including stand-up, improv, open mic and karaoke nights.



Get out of your dining rut.

Routine and the Sagittarius spirit do not match, and an easy way to delight the Sag soul is to try some new foods! If you're from outside of Texas, Tex-Mex might be a new frontier to explore and Dallas has more than its fair share of offerings. Start at Matt's Rancho Martinez in East Dallas for some of the best queso in the state – their Bob Armstrong Dip is famous.

For the adventurous eater, try one of the fusion restaurants in the city: Loro in East Dallas combines Asian cuisine with barbeque staples, while Ame in the Bishop Arts District combines Indian fare with French techniques.

Make new friends over a meal.

The naturally friendly Sag has no trouble getting to know new people and there's no better way to make some new friends than joining the conversation with a group of locals. Meet a Dallasite over a plate of barbeque at hot spots like Terry Black's or Pecan Lodge, or take your travel companions out to brunch and join in on one of Dallas' favorite pastimes.