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6 Holiday Coffees in Dallas

The most seasonal and caffeinated sips in the city.

Credit: Ascension Coffee
Andrew Vela
Posted on Dec 9, 2021

No holiday season is complete without creative, cozy and caffeinated beverages to get us through the events to come. To keep you jolly and equipped with the latest festive brews in town, check out our list of some of the best holiday drinks ranging from a mini mocha topped with graham crackers to a peppermint bark topped latte. 


Wayward Coffee - The Smalls

From its beginnings of serving coffee from a 1975 Volkswagen bus, Wayward Coffee has become one of the latest establishments to grace Oak Cliff – and one of the coolest. While the shop is small, Wayward is constantly introducing new blends of espresso from other coffee bars, inventing new seasonal drinks, and keeping Oak Cliff properly caffeinated. Their recent introduction has come just in time for the holidays: The Smalls - a mini mocha with torched meringue topped with graham crackers. Yum.

Horchata at Xaman Cafe
Horchata at Xaman Cafe

Xaman Café - Horchata

Xamán Café (pronounced Shaman) opened during the pandemic and not only survived – it thrived. Their homemade pan dulce is made with love by a local grandmother in her kitchen. It's as incredible as their entire brunch menu. When it comes to their drinks, I'd highly recommend ordering their homemade horchata. It's full of flavor and cinnamon and tastes just how my grandmother use to make it. If you order it with a side of espresso and mix them, you're in for a treat.


The Berni Bean Coffee Co. - Gingerbread Praline Latte

If you're craving some of the sweeter things in life, The Berni Bean has you covered. Stop by downtown Dallas and visit this bright café specializing in Costa Rican coffees with a holiday flare. This season, their menu features their new Dulce De Leche Cherry Shaken Cold Brew topped with holiday sprinkles and cherries and my one of favorite gingery drinks – the Gingerbread Praline Latte.


White Rhino – Yuletide Latte  

Since its inception in 2007, White Rhino has consistently brought delightful holiday offerings every year. This year, they are featuring four different seasonal drinks - Peppermint Mocha, Vixen Spritz, Año Nuevo and my favorite, the Yuletide Latte. It's packed with flavors of almond, white chocolate and a curveball – dates. Dates in a latte? Yes. Trust me, you need to try it.  

Credit: Fiction Coffee
Credit: Fiction Coffee

Fiction Coffee – Christmas in a Cup

Talk about a lot of lattes, Fiction Coffee's "seasonal adventures" menu features nine different holiday drinks. Ranging from Christmas in a Cup to Candy Cane Forest, there isn't anything on their menu that doesn't sound delicious. If you're not feeling coffee when you arrive, try their Santa's Milk and Cookies. 


Ascension Coffee - White Chocolate Peppermint Latte

Ascension fills cravings for coffee with some of the best seasonal offerings. This holiday, stop by for a festive visit and try their White Chocolate Peppermint Latte, a fan favorite. To entice you even further, make sure you get your latte topped with a homemade peppermint bark to keep things festive.