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Best Plant Shops in Dallas

Just in case your house plant habit was not out of control yet.

Jennifer Simonson
Posted on Jan 14, 2021

Potted plants. Mini succulents. Hanging ivy. Flower bouquets. We can all agree that plants add a little pop of color to our world. By the looks of the Instagram accounts out there, some of us might have developed a houseplant obsession during quarantine. Good thing that Dallas has so many fabulous plant shops to help satisfy that obsession. Here is a list of some of the area's best plant shops, just in case you have room for one more mini cactus.  

Dirt Flowers
417 N Bishop Ave
This Bishop Arts staple is both a design studio and flower shop rolled into one. Longtime florist Sonya Eudaley created a full-service design studio that specializes in floral arrangements along with wedding and event planning, floral design, invitation design, and floral design classes.

The small team of artists work with customers one-on-one to create the perfect floral arrangement. The team values artistic expression, which means no arrangement is ever created twice and hand-crafted containers are used instead of generic vases. 

Best of all, these guys are environmentally responsible. It is typical to see a discarded coffee can used as a vase while old newspapers are used to wrap bouquets. Employees are even seen foraging around town for discarded wood, recycled glass and other raw materials to use in the arrangements.

Ruibal's Plants of Texas 
601 S Pearl Expy
Ruibal's Plants of Texas has a long history in the heart of Dallas plant lovers. In 1984, Michael Ruibal started selling plants out of the bed of his pickup truck; three decades later the Ruibal's family operates four locations and a 30-acre plant store. The Farmers Market flagship store is two city blocks full of flowering bedding plants, shrubs, trees, perennials, herbs and even a garden gift shop.

The store brags that they sell the freshest flowers in the metroplex. Each store receives daily deliveries of plants from the plant farm seven miles from the Downtown store.

Petal Pushers
2649 Main Street
D Magazine dubbed this Deep Ellum flower concept as "deeply millennial." What makes them so young and hip? Well for one thing, all their delivery drivers hop on a pink moped to deliver fresh bouquets of flowers. For another, the owners have streamlined the ordering process. Each month Petal Pushers unveils a new collection of flowers. Instead of deciding on the type of flowers for the arrangement, the customer only needs to pick out the size of the arrangement. What to get your bestie when she's going through a break up? Their website suggests a "Mini" bouquet with five to seven stems that should do the trick. What about when you accidentally forget your wife's birthday? That deserves the "Big AF" which comes with 30 to 35 stems (and possibly some jewelry). 

Raiz Plant Studio
1212 Oak Lawn Avenue
Raiz Plant Studio is here to introduce you to your new plant friend, or so says their website. The sister-owned plant shop sells indoor plants that range from low maintenance to plant experts. Don't know exactly what you are looking for? No problem. The duo will walk you through the best options for you, your space and your green thumb.

In addition to traditional indoor plants, they also sell a Cleansing Set that includes sage to smudge out all those evil vibes from 2020 and usher in some positivity into your space, a money trees that is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, and DIY Air Plant Terrarium Kits that make great gifts for almost anyone in your life.

Jade and Clover
2633 Main Street
This Good Vibes Only plant boutique in Deep is always Instagram ready. Along with jewelry, gift cards, and every yummy selling candle under the sun, Jade and Clover is known for its curated selection of house plants, cacti and succulents. The highlight of the Boho Chic store, however, is its plant bar that allows you to build your own terrarium. Customers are encouraged to take a seat, pick a terrarium, grab as many succulents as they can fit, choose a color of sand and create their own mini-landscaped masterpiece all while sipping a glass of champagne.

Oasis Plant Shop
416 W. Eighth Street
If you think the outside of this lime green bungalow with dark green trim in the Bishops Arts District is cute, wait until you step inside. The four-room home is covered from floor to ceiling with palms, succulents, air plants, terra cotta planters, zebra plants, and potted Fiddly Figs. Unlike the traditional plant nurseries, the team wanted to create an approachable environment with a boutique feel – an oasis for plant lovers if you will.

This woman-owned plant shop promises to help you transform your own living space into an oasis. In addition to selling plants in store and online, the boutique has an interior plantscape designer that will tour your home or office and assess what the best plants are for your space. They will set you up for success, but if you kill that plant, that is on you.

Header photo credit: Ruibal's