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Best selfie spots in Dallas

From neighborhood gems, to hidden spots to city landmarks – here are the best picturesque spots in Dallas for your next instagrammable moment.

Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge

Be a part of the Dallas skyline with your picture standing on the bridge. Connecting Downtown to West Dallas, this active walkway gets you a great view of the city.

Reunion Tower Lawn

Grab a seat on the lawn for the best view (and shot!) of Reunion Tower. This is an iconic piece to the Dallas skyline and a must-have photo.

The Me + You Mural in Bishop Arts

The “Me + You = love” artwork lives along a staircase just outside of Oak Cliff Social Club, a popularbar, and it’s one of the most instagrammed spots in the Bishop Arts District. Stand on opposite sides of the plus sign for the cutest photo op.

Off the Beaten Path sign at The Rustic

This lit-up sign calls for a great nighttime photo. It’s located on the Rustic’s outdoor patio space, so you can enjoy live music and drinks, and a great background for pictures with friends.

Teddy Bears in Lakeside Park

Hunt for the life-size teddy bears in Lakeside Park. Take a walk around this 14-acre park before stopping for photos ops with the bear statues.

Pegasus at the Omni

The Pegasus monument is an iconic piece of Dallas history and lights up the Dallas sky every night from its new home just outside the Omni Hotel.

Thanks-Giving Square

Inside this architectural gem, you’ll find the Glory Window. This spiral ceiling contains beautiful stained-glass windows with shades of blue, red and yellow. It’s a must-have photo in Dallas.

Pioneer Plaza

Pose amongst 49 bronze longhorn cattle sculptures, herded by three bronze trail riders at Pioneer Plaza. Sit on top of one of the cattle for an even more clever shot.

Traveling Man

These three larger-than-life sculptures can be found in Deep Ellum, and they tell the story of the railway history of this neighborhood. They’re completely made of metal and not hard to miss while you’re out exploring.

White Rock Lake in East Dallas

Spend some time strolling through this one-acre park before stopping to find your perfect shot of the beautiful sunset over the lake.

Bar Belmont at Belmont Hotel in West Dallas

Have a cocktail or glass of wine at Bar Belmont, while taking in impressive nighttime views of the Dallas skyline. You’ll be sure to capture the best views of the city from this location.

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