West Dallas

The latest area to be revitalized in Dallas is home to Trinity Groves, a trendy and diverse foodie mecca. Cross over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge from Downtown to reach West Dallas and you'll quickly find yourself making a hard decision of where to eat first.
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Trinity Groves

This 15-acre restaurant, retail, artist and entertainment destination sits at the base of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in West Dallas. Pay a visit to a brewery, culinary events center and multiple restaurants. The area is also home to the Restaurant Concept Incubator program, which encourages culinary entrepreneurs to develop restaurant concepts to become the newest addition on the block. In the mood for seafood? Grab fresh crab or lobster at Amberjax or sashimi at Sushi Bayashi. For fusion dishes, head to Chino Chinatown, a Chinese cuisine spot with a Latin American twist.


Food and Drink

Kate Weiser Chocolate

The chocolate, hand painted and meticulously displayed, has made Kate Weiser a household name in Dallas. Previously a pastry chef at upscale staples like Nobu and Stephan Pyles, Kate Weiser brought her passion to life with her chocolate shop in Trinity Groves and we are forever grateful.