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New Year, New Look

A revamped visitor center is waiting to answer all your Dallas questions.

Visit Dallas Staff
Posted on Jan 31, 2017

The Dallas visitor center, located Downtown, is kicking off 2017 with a revamped look and more resources to make your Dallas getaway a BIG adventure. Whether you get here by plane from the Far East or drive in from the Gulf Shores, make the visitor center your first stop. Need more reasons to check it out? Here's five.

Sylvia and Janice are your go-to people for everything you need to know about Dallas.

1. Meet the team.

Consider Janice and Sylvia your first Dallas friends. Janice and Sylvia are the friendly faces that you'll see as you come into the visitor center and they will help you make the most of your time in Dallas. Don't know where to have lunch? Ask Sylvia, a foodie at heart. Need to bust out your dancing shoes? Janice knows where to go to hit the town for a night of dancing. 

Do your own research in the tech corner of the updated Dallas Visitor Center.

Get some insider tips from the staff at the visitor center or take a quick break to do your own research. The visitor center has a tech corner with computers ready for you to digitally explore Dallas, or you can check out the brochure displays throughout the space to get a high-level view of everything Dallas has going on.


3. Get your CityPASS.

If you don't know where to start with your Dallas getaway, get your hands on a Dallas CityPASS. This discount booklet gets you in the door at some of the most popular attractions and it gives you the freedom to spread out your visits through a 9-day period.


4. Figure out your ride.

The visitor center is just across the street from a D-Link station, a free bus shuttle service that can get you through Downtown and into Uptown, the Dallas Arts District, the Dallas Farmers Market and everything in between. Just look for the bright pink and yellow bus – it's hard to miss! Or catch a ride with Efrogs, a shuttle cart service that can take small groups of people (think 5 or less) to various points in the central Dallas district. Did we mention it's free?


The Dallas Visitor Center is just a few steps away from the must-see Sixth Floor Museum.

The visitor center is inside Old Red Museum, a must-see for any history fanatic with an impressive collection of Dallas memorabilia. It's conveniently located just a block over from The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (one of your Dallas CityPASS stops!) Other attractions nearby include the West End district, the Pegasus sculpture outside the Omni Hotel and the JFK Memorial.