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Dive Into the Best Ramen in Dallas

Escape the cold temps with a hot bowl of ramen that's made just for you.

Visit Dallas Staff
Posted on Feb 6, 2018

I've always been adventurous when it comes to food. In fact, some of my earliest creations as kid began with Top Ramen. I experimented with my own bowls that ranged in flavors, spices and later added fresh veggies. Fast forward twenty years later and my love for ramen is still going strong! I'm not one for stealing condiments any more, but feel free to borrow these ideas when you need to fulfill your next ramen craving.  

Ten Ramen

You can slurp all you want at Ten Ramen. In fact, it's encouraged! Reminiscent of the ramen shops that dot just about every corner in Japan, this authentic ramen joint channels all their energy into their dishes rather than in the décor. As is the case with most small quarters, it gets packed quick but for good reason. Place your order, add your own mix of fresh ingredients and the chefs will do the rest. The Shoyu Ramen is always a sure bet but be sure to keep an eye out for some of their rotating specials they add throughout the year.

Ten Ramen


When you're feeling a bit fancy you can't go wrong with one of Dallas' five-star restaurants. Tei-An is wrapped into the heart of Dallas' Arts District with a menu that was designed for exploration. One of the most unique items is the Soba sampler. Their handmade Soba noodles are served fresh alongside a mix of dipping sauces. Bring your chopstick A-game, although a fork will suffice for each delicious dip.

Oni Ramen

Oni Ramen is another Deep Ellum favorite that prides itself on simplicity and flavors that will knock your socks off! Each dish is prepared and served with TLC to deliver a meal that tastes just as good as it looks on Instagram. The Kyushu Tankatsu is a house specialty that's served with melt-in-your-mouth slices of pork belly and a selection of veggies that you can customize to taste. Add a little heat to your meal with five levels of spicy. Start with mild or go all in with the demon level, made with Scorpion and Carolina Reaper peppers.

Oni Ramen

Tanoshii Ramen + Bar

Grab a table with friends or go solo and belly up to the bar inside this laidback spot. The Tonkotsu is a house favorite - it's full of flavor and a broth that will warm your soul. I love to add a little fried tofu into mine. If you're feeling bold, ask the chef to ditch the broth. The Spicy Garlic Shrimp goes perfectly with the thick cut ramen noodles.

With a seemingly endless amount of options out there, it's so incredibly hard to pick a favorite. So I'll just leave you with one final suggestion: sip, slurp, smile and repeat.