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6 Spots to get Paletas in Dallas

The most refreshing treat to stay cool this summer.

Rikki Rincon
Posted on Aug 28, 2018

From the streets of Havana, Cuba to Mexico City, paletas, or popsicles, are a Latin tradition that have now found their way to Dallas. The cold concoctions, made from a water or milk base, deliver flavors like sandía y chile and leche de coco to beat the dog days of summer in the Big D. From Encanto Pops to Cocoandre Chocolatier, your neighborhood paleteria is a sanctuary for the scorching summer.


1. Paleteria San Marcos

Since 1998, Paleteria San Marcos has delivered authentic Mexican frozen pops to Dallas and they're the perfect way to cool of off from the Texas heat. Enjoy their one-of-a-kind creations or go for one of their best sellers like the Tamarind with chile or lime. Looking for some adventure? Try the nanche pop, made with a sweet South American fruit with cherry and apricot. Both of their locations are north of Dallas – find them in Farmers Branch and Richardson.


 2. Encanto Pops

Find essences of Mexico with a touch of new flair at this sibling-run paleta haven. Located on along Davis Street, this is a must stop while in the Bishop Arts District. Avocado Mango, Blueberry Guava, and Cookies & Lime (their take on key lime pie) are just a couple of the delicious creations the Diaz siblings have managed to bring to life. The flavors are switched out often, so there's always something new to satisfy your cravings.


3. Fruteria Cano

Looking for a refreshing but not too watery, tart but not too tangy treat? Look no further than the cheap and tasty paletas at the various Fruteria Cano locations around Dallas and surrounding areas, with a total of 6 locations. The one very location that has become popular is the State Fair of Texas Food Court indoors where you will see the longest lines ordering their favorite paleta, from mango, strawberry, coconut to banana! Just like back in the day, you'll have to reach into the freezer cases and grab one of the many delectable pleasures. Trust us, they're worth digging for!


 4. Cocoandre Chocalatier

Andrea Pedraza had more than 30 years of chocolate experience before opening her own chocolatier near the Bishop Arts District in 2009. At this quaint, family owned shop you'll find some of the most unique paletas dipped in some of the most exquisite chocolate you've ever tried. We're talking dulce de leche dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with Mazapán del la Rosa. Que maravilla!


5. La Princesa Paletas

You probably haven't heard of La Princesa Paletas, and they might be a little tricker to find. La Princesa makes some of the best popsicles of the city, and they're only available from the street vendors that make their way through Dallas' neighborhoods. Once you find them – you're in for a treat: not only are they refreshing and delicious, but they're also only a dollar! They're as traditional as a Latin paleta gets.


6. Picole Pops

The newest cold treat to hit to Deep Ellum, Picole Pops is worth a visit on your next trip to the neighborhood. Handcrafted Brazilian filled paletas aka popsicles, topped with special ingredients like chocolate, sprinkles of candy and many assorted selections. Go for something fruity like the cucumber lime or take it up a notch with filling infused popsicles like the caramel cheesecake or the banana Nutella.