Vegan Spots in Dallas

The favorites in every part of the city.

Posted on Sep 6, 2018

My husband and I decided almost three years ago to make the leap into veganism. While he has since added some fish to his diet, we still try to remain animal product-free as much as possible.

Luckily for us, it's easier than ever to be a vegan human in my hometown. The plant-based/vegan scene has grown so much that Dallas – yes, the one in Texas - was recently named the 8th best vegan city in the country. Here are a few of my favorite neighborhood restaurants where I get my herbivore chow down on in Dallas.


Downtown Dallas

You can't get any more plant-based and vegan-friendly than this gem. Located in the beautiful Farmer's Market area, the restaurant features a giant chalkboard wall with every fresh in-season veggie they offer (look for the veggies labeled with a v). My favorite dish is the Mudhen Spring Rolls – cabbage, avocado, carrot and kelp noodles wrapped in collard leaves served with a tahini-miso vinaigrette. I could drink the vinaigrette alone – it's that good. Honorable mention goes to the black beans. They are so delicious; I asked for the recipe and they obliged.


El Palote

South East Dallas

Authentic vegan Mexican cuisine – it's real y'all. I no longer have to only dream about my street tacos, tamales, tortas, savory pastries and delicious weekend menudo! The soy-based "meats" are prepared in-house with a lot of love and care with 50 years of experience. Not in the mood for authentic Mexican? They make a BBQ sandwich that will make you cry. It's served on a toasted vegan bun with "brisk-nun" hot out of their smoker, then smothered in their house-made BBQ sauce. The sandwich comes with crinkle cut fries and a jalapeño. During our first visit, my hubs had to do a double take and confirm it was in fact meat-free. It's a meal big enough to split, but why would you?



Far East Dallas

The moment you walk in the door, you know you are somewhere special. Located inside a lovely Hare-Krishna temple, this Indian cuisine buffet features a rotating menu with notes on dishes containing dairy or gluten. There is always a delicious dal on the menu, and my personal favorite is literally everything – beans, bok choy, potatoes, cauliflower, all prepared fresh daily in their kitchen. Save room for the vegan ginger cookie at the end and visit their gift shop for a new set of mala beads.


HG Sply Co.

Greenville Avenue

Vegan queso on a rooftop with a beautiful view of Downtown Dallas is all you really need in life. It's a creamy cashew based queso and loaded with flavor – even carnivores love it! The Zucchini "Pasta" is another favorite of mine. You can find it on the "Gathered" section of the menu and it's made with fresh zucchini pasta sautéed with roasted veggies and a hemp-oat crumb.  I could also mention the Med Veg – a delicious quinoa burger that melts in your mouth. There are also several made-fresh desserts that are a must try. Pro tip – get to the rooftop early, it's a popular spot to watch the sunset.


Anvil Pub

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum has a secret vegan pub and I am here to spill it. Inside this dark local favorite boasts the most vegan friendly pub bar Dallas has to offer. There's loaded nachos, pizza, tacos, burgers – everything you need to get your pregame on with your carnivore friends before catching a show, shopping or barhopping through the neighborhood. Try the chili cheese fries – if you dare. They are spicy and tasty – topped with vegan sour cream and onions. The staff is friendly and there is an al fresco section curbside for a great people-watching experience.


Header photo: credit HG Sply Co.

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