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Where to Meditate in Dallas

Free your mind.

Visit Dallas Staff
Posted on Jan 4, 2019

Healthier than cronuts and way easier to do physically than a Megafit Monster Lift, mindful meditation is sweeping across the nation. The community has grown, and this wellness trend is feeling right at home in Big D. You can embrace this practice almost anywhere in the city, from public parks to studios. Here is a list of beginner friendly places to get your mind refocused any time of the day.

Dallas Yoga Center
Vibe: Yoga Bohemian Office

You could say Dallas Yoga Center is the OG yoga home for Generation X, and it continues to nurture all. Owned and operated by a gentleman named David Sunshine, you have no choice but to be a little lighter and brighter when you leave. It's where many Dallasites take their first yoga class and includes all types of nonspiritual meditation practices. Healing inside out and outside in, Dallas Yoga Center's mission is to inspire the community to lead more mindful, meaningful and healthier lives.

Best place for: Sound therapy – the gong and crystal bowl sound baths are always an escape from the noise outside.

The Refuge
Vibe: SoHo meets LA in Fair Park

Born from the calling of native Dallas siblings Rachel and Alex Fox after years of venturing through the LA wellness scene, The Refuge is truly that…a refuge. It is tucked away in an old repurposed industrial building that whispers hip and calm, and when you walk through the door of the loft studio you're usually greeted with a hug and shockingly calm dispositions. The Refuge offers a variety of classes for unique experiences in mindfulness and deep meditation - most of which date back thousands of years. An honorable mention is the Kundalini class, a unique breath, movement and meditation class that really gets your body fired on all cylinders. It's really the most unique and engaging experience you can have in Dallas on a Friday night. 

Best place for: Crystal healing  Rachel is your go-to human for ways to use crystals in your everyday life. Ask her anything and she has the most insightful answer.

The Buddhist Center of Dallas
Vibe: Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Temple

I was more than intimidated the first time I walked up those beautiful stone steps to the temple. I knew nothing about the Buddhist form of meditation. But I didn't need to - meditation has no guidebook. Anyone can do it. That's what makes meditating at this temple special. You are having an experience within an experience. Every Wednesday night the temple hosts an English-speaking meditation in the main temple. All are welcome. Just remove your shoes and take a seat on the cushy floor. The meditation stems from traditional Vipassana meditation, which is partial guided and then silent for 20 minutes followed by a walking meditation and a loving kindness meditation. It's one powerful hour.

Best place for: Traditional Vipassana meditation – if you've never sat and embraced a loving kindness meditation, you're missing out. Your spirit will thank you. Just remember to bring your own tiny pillow to sit on.

Crow Museum of Asian Art
Vibe: Modern Asian Sanctuary

The Crow Museum of Asian Art has always been generous with its offerings of traditional meditation practices for FREE (donations accepted) in Downtown Dallas, but now the museum's wellness initiative has expanded. There are so many options to get some stress relief in the workday or if you're taking a break from being the adventurous tourist you are. Stop in and experience meditation, yoga, tai chi, and qigong in the museum's gallery. Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve cognitive health, but don't take my word for it. Visit today!

Best place for: Traditional meditation practices in a beautiful setting – the space begs you to take a seat and really contemplate "who am I."