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A Day in Dallas: Brittany Bullock

The transplant and blogger weighs in on food, coffee, and everything in between.

Dalila Brent
Posted on Sep 24, 2020

When you think of what your perfect day is like, what does it include? Good food? Quality time with friends? This is something we asked blogger Brittany Bullock. Bullock, who has been in Dallas for over more than four years, works in the digital and tech space building strategies and managing partnerships for an app. Outside of work,  – she's finding new places around the city to visit and share on her site,  – The Brittany B. Here's a look at Brittany's perfect day in Dallas!



"I always treat myself to coffee," Bullock said.  "I've been drinking coffee since I was six or seven years old. And I hate making coffee at home, even though I'd probably save tons of money.

Going to coffee shops is an experience for me. One of my favorites is La La Land Café because I love their lavender bloom latte. Foxtrot Market also happens to be one of my favorites. I love getting food from Breakfast Bar in South Dallas. Super straight forward, good food and it's cheap – which is even better."


La La Land Kind Cafe in Dallas.


"I love to go to the Dallas Arboretum," Bullock said. "It's BYOB and you can bring food. Sometimes I'll just go and sit out there, make myself a little picnic, and chill and relax." If she's not hanging at the Arboretum, Bullock is grabbing lunch from some of her favorite spots. "I'll grab barbecue from Smokey John's - which is right by my house – and grab a brisket sandwich or a baked potato," Bullock said. "That's one of my favorite places. I also love Pie Tap Pizza. I recently found an Italian place by me called Cocina Italiano and it might be some of the best pizza I've had in Dallas."



For Bullock, the latter part of the day can be spent doing some light shopping, followed by drinks. "I like Jumpshop Classics," Bullock said. "It's a vintage thrift store that specializes in vintage t-shirts and shoes. In Deep Ellum, I like to get spices from 1890 Marketplace Dallas and stop at Trick Pony. Musume in the Dallas Arts District has a hidden speakeasy called Akai that I really enjoy."


How she's staying busy during the pandemic: Like many, Bullock has been finding new hobbies during quarantine and collecting and caring for plants is one of them. "I went from two to twenty plants," Bullock said. "I've always liked plants, but I could never keep them alive. I could kill a cactus without trying." But after keeping a couple alive, and a nudge from her therapist, she utilized plants to turn her space into something more comfortable, and beautiful. "All of my plants are named after musicians. I have a Jay-Z money tree and a Missy Elliot ivy." To feed her plant needs, Bullock goes to Oasis Plant Shop in Bishop Arts and Ruibal's.

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