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Dallas for Libras

How to see the city based on your astrological sign.

The Stoneleigh Dallas in Uptown
Zane Harrington
Posted on Sep 21, 2021

Use your astrological sign to guide you through Dallas! We've made it easy to build an itinerary based on each zodiac sign.

It's officially Libra season and autumn! The Air sign came blowing in this morning, Sept. 22, providing some much-needed relief from the Texas heat and some of summer's spicier signs.

Libra Fast Facts:

  • A lover of relationships, romantic and plutonic
  • Tactful and diplomatic to establish harmony and balance
  • They love to smile
  • Famous Dallas Libras include: Blind Lemon Jefferson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and Usher
  • Other famous Libras include: Kim Kardashian, Bruno Mars, Julie Andrews and Zac Efron



Know where the people are.

Libras love the energy of a buzzing room, a bustling street, the rhythm of a city. Use our themed itineraries – based on neighborhoods, activities or interests – as inspiration or come up with the best fit for your needs. Neighborhoods like Lower Greenville, Oak Lawn and Uptown will certainly keep a Libra busy with plenty to do and see. 

Hot Hotels
With regards to hotels, most Libras need to be in the energy and somewhere visually beautiful. If those things are true, hotels like The Adolphus and the Stoneleigh are certainly places you should look into while planning your trip. Our sign is ruled by Venus after all, so perhaps you are looking for something a bit more romantic and intimate. The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek offers the perfect ambiance and charm for you and your special someone. 

Booking Ahead.
Sometimes Libras get a bad rap for being indecisive, but I'd argue we know what we want, it just takes us a bit longer. That being said, if dining in style is your priority, be sure to think out about where you want to go in advance to be sure to secure that in-demand reservation.



No way around it… we like nice things!
All Libras love to enjoy some of the finer things in life, and this city has some of the best places to find them. Dallas is home to the first shopping center, Highland Park Village; the first indoor shopping mall, North Park Center, and the original Neiman Marcus. This is just the tip of the shopping iceberg here in Dallas, so to say we know fashion and style is certainly an understatement.

Libra is an air sign. Embrace that in your travel.
There's no better place to walk on air and meet a new friend than in Klyde Warren Park. This urban deck park – located in the heart of Dallas – is quite literally floating on air, and there is always something fun, exciting or relaxing to do.


Although good food is important to most people, for Libras, ambiance is paramount. If you are looking for a place with great food and spectacular views, here are a couple I would recommend. Jalisco Norte in Uptown offers authentic Mexican food in a tree-lined solarium with views of Uptown. Not too far away, Sixty Vines offers a modern Napa vibe with sixty wines on tap. Finally, if you are looking for a classic Dallas steak, don't miss out on Town Hearth in the Design District. The avant-garde décor includes a Ducati, fish tank and more than 60 chandeliers.