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Dallas for Scorpios

How to see the city based on your astrological sign.

Credit: The Ritz-Carlton Spa
Diana Trujillo
Posted on Oct 15, 2021

Use your astrological sign to guide you through Dallas! We've made it easy to build an itinerary based on each zodiac sign and it's now officially Scorpio season! Starting Oct. 23, let your Scorpio tendencies dictate your way through Dallas, using your best traits to plan a trip that fits you like a glove.


Scorpio Fact Facts

  • Deep and emotional personality
  • Natural and ambitious leaders
  • Self-reliant
  • Make for great friends thanks to their loyalty and honesty
  • Celebrity Scorpios: Bill Gates, Owen Wilson, Tracee Ellis Ross



Plan for the off-peak times.

When it comes to vacation, a Scorpio knows that the best way to explore is by avoiding the crowds. Head to Dallas on a weekday, when there's less hustle and bustle with the weekend getaways, to enjoy a stress-free retreat. A trip to Dallas during the week means shorter lines at the city's most popular attractions like Reunion Tower – which means you can enjoy those amazing views without a ton of distractions.

Decide on your travel party – group or solo?

Scorpios are well suited for solo travel, so our list of things to do as a party of one in Dallas might be just what you need to start building your itinerary. If you travel as a part of a group, leave space in your day to go off and explore on your own. An outing to a Dallas art museum will provide the just-for-you cultural moment you crave, while a visit to an indie book store like The Wild Detectives might find you next to another curious traveler willing to dig deep into a novel discussion.



Find the latest and greatest.

Scorpios are known for having impeccable taste, so it's likely you've already researched the hottest new places to explore while you're in town. Use our list of the best new restaurants in Dallas to double-check your must-sees. A spot like Atlas, a cocktail bar in the Bishop Arts District, will speak to your soul thanks to its intimate, sultry vibes.

Speak to the Scorpio creativity.

Let your strong sense of self shine through shopping! Get creative mixing high-end finds at Dallas shopping destinations like NorthPark Center with budget-friendly deals at vintage shops like Flea Style in Deep Ellum. 

Find your water.

True to their sign, Scorpios are often happiest near a body of water. In Dallas, that means an outing to East Dallas to enjoy a meditation session on the shores of White Rock Lake, or perhaps going for a luxury spa outing – different kind of water, but water nonetheless!



Enjoy a solo meal.

Strike up a conversation with a friendly bartender at one of our suggested spots for a solo meal – after all, Scorpios are natural leaders and making friendly banter with a local is no trouble for you!

Go for spice.

As one of the more passionate signs, Scorpios can take the heat – and there's plenty of ways to do that in the Dallas dining scene:

  • Start at Mariano's, a Tex-Mex joint in North Dallas, to try the Fire & Ice Margarita, a delicious combination of silver tequila, fresh jalapeño and ginger liqueur.
  • Need your spice in chicken form? Let our list of hot chicken spots guide the way!
  • Find yourself off the beaten path for a visit to Elaine's Jamaican Kitchen in South Dallas. The Black-owned restaurant is known for casual, spicy Caribbean fare.