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Where to have a photo shoot in Dallas

Chase the aesthetic with our guide to great photo spots.

Diana Trujillo
Posted on Jan 15, 2021

Some good shots for the 'gram are a must, especially if you're only in Dallas for the weekend. Inspire your friends back home with some gorgeous shots all around the city and explore really fun neighborhoods while you're at it. It's a win-win.


 Alleys in Bishop Arts

While not exactly hidden, these spots might be hard to spot to the untrained eye. Find Eno's Pizza Tavern along Bishop Avenue and then find the gravel-lined alley just past its front door. That alleyway and the one across the street are great backdrops!


Winspear Opera House

 The shallow reflective pool, lined in black granite, is a standout photo option at this Dallas Arts District staple and there's plenty of other options nearby. Take a stroll along Flora Street for inspiration – the area's beautiful venues are home to some of the city's best creatives and you'll surely leave inspired.


Sculpture Walk in the Dallas Arts District

Officially the Hall Texas Sculpture Walk, this hidden treasure is home to some invaluable pieces from Texas sculptors and all part of the private collection held by the Hall family. Find it near the northeast corner of Crockett Street and Ross Avenue.


Pacific Plaza

Formerly a parking lot, Pacific Plaza opened in 2019 and brought a much-needed neighborhood park to this corner of Downtown. There are adult swings, plenty of green space and a shady area courtesy of a pavilion lined with Morse code messages.  


Harwood District

Covering just 18 city blocks, the Harwood District is home to all sorts of beautiful venues and restaurants. Get to walking and explore – the recently opened Harwood Arms is a great starting point and features a striking red exterior that screams "take my photo." Magnolias: Sous Le Pont, a French-inspired coffee shop, will indeed leave you saying "ooh la la" while Happiest Hour is a patio haven with fantastic rooftop views.


Corner of Ervay and Elm streets

Thanks to some beautiful building façades at this corner, there's an opportunity for some European-inspired photos right in the middle of Downtown Dallas. Cross the street to Comerica Tower, where you'll find a nice water feature that would also make for a great backdrop.


AT&T Discovery District

It's new and shiny and perfect for a quick shoot. The Time Square-esque screens give off a busy vibe, while the cozy patio at JAXON is perfect for a photo with a cocktail in hand. You can't miss The Globe, a 30-foot sculpture that is the district's most distinct feature. 


Waterproof at The Statler

Get that to-die-for skyline shot from the rooftop bar at The Statler. There's also a silver llama that makes for a cute prop, as does the gorgeous pool.


McKinney Avenue Trolley

Black and white edits will pay homage to the trolley's history – it's been around since the 1980s and uses beautifully restored cars to cover a five-mile loop from Uptown to the Arts District and back.



There are palm trees, millennial pink chairs and a serene garden patio – what more can you ask for? Stop by for a late lunch on a weekday to really take advantage of some stellar photo ops, and be sure to tip your wait staff nicely while you're there!


Turtle Creek Park

Extend your walk on the Katy Trail to the sidewalks in Turtle Creek Park. The green space is meant for a picnic lunch and the shores of the creek offer a peaceful moment before heading back into the bustle of the city.


Cedar Ridge Preserve

Part of the Trinity Audubon Center, the trails in Cedar Ridge Preserve will make you forget you're so close to the city. Use the online trail map to plan your hike – we recommend the Cattail Pond Trail, a one-mile path that gets you to (you guessed it) Cattail Pond. Set up the tripod and get all the photos of you overlooking the water before heading back up. Just be sure to keep track of the sun – closing time is 30 minutes after sunset each day.


Highland Park Village



While technically not in Dallas, Highland Park Village is a beautiful outdoor shopping center (the first of its kind in the U.S.) that is definitely worth a visit. Since 1931, its Mediterranean and Spanish architecture and design has been home to some of the most luxuries brands from around the world. Find the colorful tiles stairs near Bistro 31 for your first pic, and then check out the rest of the center for more photo ops!


Mockingbird Pedestrian Bridge

Make your way to Mockingbird Station to access this one, which connects the Katy Trail in Uptown to the Ridgewood Trail in East Dallas and allows walkers and runners to get from White Rock Lake all the way to the American Airlines Center. Be mindful of others on the path as you set up your shot and enjoy!


Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

We saved the most iconic shot for last. The pedestrian bridge (offset from the main bridge where vehicles pass across the Trinity River) offers the most spectacular views of the Dallas skyline and there's some colorful options along it as well. A small children's area can be found about halfway, and there's some water features to check out as well. It's a must-have photo for every single local and visitor alike.