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Celebrate Father's Day Dallas style

2021-06-08 / Zane Harrington

Father's Day is just around the corner – June 20. Aren't you glad we reminded you!

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Juneteenth Celebrations in Dallas

2021-06-07 / Ashley Turner

From festivals to educational lectures, mark your calendar for these six can't-miss events!

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Pride Month In Dallas

2021-06-02 / Andrew Vela

The Pride flag is waving high at Dallas City Hall which means Pride Month has officially started!

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Black Dallas: Where to go to experience Black Culture in Dallas

Museums, performing companies and landmarks are included in this - but there are plenty more! Use our list as your guide as you explore and experience diversity in Dallas. 

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

Founded in 1976, the Dallas Black Dance Theatre focuses on inspiring minority youth to express their creativity through the art of dance. Its seasonal calendar focuses on contemporary modern dance performances and offers student matinees to showcase their youngest talent at various venues throughout the Dallas Arts District.

The African American Museum

The African American Museum in Fair Park is the only institution of its kind in the Southwest offering an impressive collection of African and African American art, featuring one of the largest folk art collections in the nation.

Freedman's Cemetery Memorial

Visit a piece of Dallas history at the Freedman's Cemetery Memorial in Uptown. The site was once known as "Freedman's" town, a place where African Americans could gather during the slavery era. With an arched granite gate at the memorial entrance and beautiful bronze statues designed by artist David S. Newton, the site is the burial place of the city's first African American citizens.

The Bishop Arts Theatre Center

The Bishop Arts Theatre Center provides cultural and artistic opportunities to marginalized individuals and use theatre as a platform for social change.

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL) promotes, cultivates and preserves the African and African American performing arts. The organization hosts the annual Riverfront Jazz Festival.

Remembering Black Dallas

Remembering Black Dallas preserves and promotes African American life, history and culture in Dallas. They also host local bus tours and historical presentations

Civil Rights Self-Guided Tour

The landmarks tell the unique story of the Civil Rights Movement in Dallas, which began in 1930s, revealing the footprints all around the city that show the past struggles and progress of African Americans in Dallas. This self-guided tour includes a few highlights and there are many more to experience during your time in Dallas.

South Dallas Cultural Center

Experience the African American culture that embodies Dallas at the South Dallas Cultural Center. The center is well known for its summer programming that includes both adult and kid classes such as Brazilian dance and hip hop poetry. The center also includes a 120-seat box theatre used for movie nights, concerts and dance festivals and the Arthello Beck gallery, a visual arts space that features a different artist each month.

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