FAQs About Dallas

Contrary to popular belief, we're not all Cowboy boots, hats and horses. We're the city where Texan meets modern and legacy meets luxury – and we like to say it's the most Texas city in Texas. What else is there to know about this great city? Find out with our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dallas located?
Dallas, Texas is located in North Texas and is the ninth most populated city in the United States.
What's the weather like?
The spring and fall seasons bring great weather to Dallas - expect warm days and some chilly nights. Summer (June - August) brings the warmest days to the area, and 100+ degree days are common. November through February brings mild to cold weather. Snow is not likely, but we get lucky sometimes!
How do I get to Dallas?
Thanks to its central location, getting to Dallas is easy! We have two major airports (Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field Airport) and more domestic nonstop flights than any other U.S. city.
Do I need a car to get around Dallas?
While it’s not a requirement, having a car will certainly help. Rideshare programs are available everywhere, and free transportation options like the McKinney Avenue Trolley help get you around the city center. You can also take advantage of Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), the city’s bus and light rail service that will transport you all over the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex.
What is Dallas famous for?
Contrary to popular belief, we’re not all Cowboy boots, hats and horses. We’re the city where Texan meets modern and legacy meets luxury - and we like to say it’s the most Texas city in Texas. It’s also the birthplace of the frozen margarita machine, so the Margarita Mile, a colorful collection of the city’s best margaritas, is a must during your visit.
What should I see and do in Dallas?
You can do it all in Dallas. From world class arts and cultural experiences to spectacular dining - there’s something for everyone. Take advantage of the Dallas CityPASS to visit must-see attractions or wander on your own into our best neighborhoods.
What sort of events does Dallas host?
The big ones include the State Fair of Texas in the fall, Big D Holiday starting in November, Dallas Pride in June, and various cultural festivities throughout the year. Of course, many people visit each year for Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys games - some of the biggest events Dallas hosts each year! Check out our list of annual events for more ideas.
What kind of food is there in Dallas?
Taste the unique culture of Dallas firsthand, with incredible dining options spread throughout the city. Sample the finest in chef-driven cuisine - from internationally-inspired dishes like Laotian boat noodles, ceviche and sashimi, to Texan mainstays like tacos, steak and barbecue. No matter your tastes, or your budget, there's an unforgettable meal waiting for you in Dallas.
Is Downtown Dallas walkable?
Yes! You can easily explore Downtown Dallas’ restaurants, museums and parks on foot. You can also rent bikes and electric scooters, or jump on an EFrogs cart, a free tip-based ride share service that offers rides around the Downtown area in golf cart-like vehicles.
What can I do in Dallas for free?
There’s plenty to do when you’re on a budget! Check out our events calendar for free activities, and check out our collection of guides to free things to see and do in Dallas.
Is Dallas a good city for a solo trip?
Absolutely. That Texas hospitality will welcome you right in and make you feel at home. Check out our list of solo activities, as well as this list of restaurants best suited for a solo meal in the city.
Where is the best place to stay in Dallas?
There’s no wrong answer here, but we’ll give it a shot: most hotels are in the Downtown area, and that’s a good fit for those without their own transportation so you can easily get to your next stop. If you have a car and want a more budget-friendly option, hotels in the North Dallas area near NorthPark Center and the Galleria Dallas could be a good fit - and you’re closer to some great shopping options too!
What are the best neighborhoods to visit in Dallas?
You can’t visit Dallas without spending at least a few hours in Deep Ellum. It’s one of the city’s oldest and historic neighborhoods and is the bedrock for the area’s live music scene. Today, the neighborhood is full of bars and restaurants, live music venues and plenty of other activities. Uptown and Downtown are both extremely walkable and are great family-friendly options. Get to know other neighborhoods like Lower Greenville, Oak Lawn and the Bishop Arts District for a distinctively local vibe. Check out our neighborhoods list for more ideas!