African American

Black-owned Restaurants in Dallas

Five favorites we can't stop talking about.

Jamina Tribbett
Posted on Jan 13, 2022

Aunt Irene's Kitchen, South Dallas Café and Sweet Georgia Brown are just a few of Dallas' Black-owned staples that locals will swear by! But the city is full of many delicious restaurants to experience and explore – from brunch to vegan and Cajun to soul food. If you're hungry and looking to buy Black, we guarantee there's a Black-owned restaurant to fit your flavor. Here are five of our favorites:

1. Invasion
Located in Old East Dallas, Invasion is a new "fast, gourmet restaurant," meaning it offers healthy, fresh and delicious food for a lesser price and a quicker delivery time. They believe in fresh, quality food and strive to find the best local, organic and delicious ingredients. Founder and Chef Airric Heidelberg created a unique menu full of flavor for you to enjoy every bite. Open for lunch, dinner and late-night hours, come experience our trendy, modern space for yourself and invade your taste buds.

2. Da Munchies
This vegan restaurant in West Dallas serves healthy comfort food using high-quality ingredients. Chef Angela believes that vegan food is an edible form of art. On the menu, you'll will find Philly Rolls, Fish PoBoys and their Signature Big Mac N' Cheeseburger – yes, all vegan!

3. Brunchaholics
Brunchaholics is pop-up restaurant that normally operates under The Shed at the Dallas Farmer's Market. The menu features fill-you-up feel good food, including their famous Soul Food Burrito. Chef Jessie "Wash" Washington began his humble business as a blog and turned his dreams of being a chef into a reality. Follow them on Instagram to see where Chef Wash will pop up next.

4. Off the Bone Barbeque
Off the Bone located in the Cedars District is the place to go when you a craving cookout favorites and down-home, Sunday supper sides. The menu features Chef Dwight's classic "Off The Bone" pork ribs, beef brisket, delicious beef sausage and smoked chicken. This restaurant abides by three values that help them offer guests a memorable dining experience – delicious food, family recipes and caring service.

5. Kessler Baking Studio
The Kessler Baking Studio, a bakery and creative sweets boutique located near Bishop Arts, serves baked goods handmade from scratch daily, using meticulously selected ingredients. The owner, Clyde Greenhouse, a.k.a. the Bow Tie Baker, prides himself on indulgent treats free of preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. If you're in the mood to sweet indulgences from cookies to confections, the Kessler Baking Studio is the move.

Header photo credit: Kessler Baking Studio