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5 Self-Care Spots in Dallas

Keep yourself calm and satisfied with outdoor and peaceful experiences.

Sam Weiger
Posted on Jan 21, 2021

We have all been fighting through a life-changing pandemic for many months, so self-care is strongly recommended right now. Opportunities for practicing self-care, the act of protecting your health or happiness, are abundant in Dallas – here are a few to add to your calendar for a few moments of quiet reflection.

The Buddhist Center of Dallas
Lake Highlands
Peace of mind and acceptance are sacred to Buddhists, so expect a welcoming and serene environment at this charming sanctuary. Free yourself with Buddhism practices by attending an upcoming event, such as the daily individual meditation or a weekly meditation group. You won't regret a free, tranquil experience hosted by incredibly nice people.

Fair Oaks Park
North Dallas
Physical activity is one of the International Self-Care Foundation (ISF) seven pillars of self-care, and this understated green space presents all kinds of opportunities. The 237-acre park features a tennis center, outdoor basketball, open space for meditating, football, soccer, baseball, softball and more! If your body is calling for movement, hop onto the adjacent White Rock Creek Trail to embark on a journey through East Dallas; a northward walk takes you into Harry Moss Park, while a southward hike will drop you into White Rock Lake Park.

White Rock Lake Park
Lake and Garden
Lift your spirits at this voluminous lake by working out at the calisthenics station, picnicking with your family and friends, or walking your dog at the dog park! If you're curious about other therapeutic activities around White Rock Lake, you will also have open space for meditating, biking, bird-watching, kayaking, paddle boarding and boating at your disposal.

Go Easy
Bishop Arts District
Strengthening your immune system is arguably more important now than ever before, and this one-of-a-kind wellness shop offers ways to undoubtedly bolster yours. Shop for items that boost your immunity or discover other products, including supplements, skin care merchandise, stress relief aromas, herbal allergy sprays, mindfulness tools, and more!

Cedar Ridge Preserve
Southwest Dallas
This top choice for hiking will benefit your mental health with vigorous exercise, scenic nature trails, and a serene environment for relaxing or meditating. The preserve will astound you with its hilly terrain and sweeping views, and expect fewer crowds for a safer experience during winter. This free excursion will allow your wallet to practice self-care too!