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Luxury Solo Travel in Dallas

Where to go when you need a bougie break from the real world.

Credit: Rosewood Mansion
Taylor Voth
Posted on Feb 11, 2022

When the idea of a king-size bed all to yourself and the phrase, "table for one" starts to sound like heaven on earth, it's time to book a trip for some luxurious alone time. There is no better place to unwind and marinate in a little 'me time' than Dallas, Texas. Home to high-end accommodations and world-class dining options, it's the perfect city to settle into for some solo celebration.


Sleep here:

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Tucked away in an upscale neighborhood in the middle of Uptown Dallas, the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is a perfect retreat for those looking to relax in refinement. Once a palatial private residence, the now-hotel has retained the sophistication and comfort of the grand residence while offering nothing less than excellence in standards and service as well as exquisite attention to detail and design. While it is minutes away from popular restaurants and downtown excitement, once you embrace the ambiance of your private suite, you may never want to leave.


The Adolphus Hotel

A Downtown Dallas icon for over 100 years, The Adolphus Hotel has always represented the epitome of luxury and has been a beloved spot for celebrities, discerning travelers and locals alike who are looking for a little something extra in their stay. The hotel went through a massive two-year, multimillion-dollar refresh that included a focus on historical restoration, ensuring The Adolphus' place as a highly sought-after stay for generations to come. A rooftop pool with private cabanas, top-of-the-line spa, in-house barbershop, high-end shopping, unmatched onsite restaurants and rooms with curated amenities will have you booking your return stay before you've even left.


The Joule Hotel

Built in the early 20th century as the Dallas National Bank, this neo-Gothic landmark represented the extravagance and wealth of its time during the 1920s. The turn of the century breathed new life into the former bank building and, after extensive renovations and expansions, The Joule – aptly named for the international unit of measurement – was a life-giving addition to the Dallas cityscape. Known for its outstanding spa experiences, unmatched amenities and renowned art collection (including works by Tony Tasset, Andy Warhol and Ellsworth Kelly) found throughout the hotel, The Joule is the perfect place to tuck in for some much-needed TLC.


Eat here:


Located on the 49th floor of The National building in Downtown Dallas, Monarch is one of the newest additions to the city's luxury dining scene. The elevated locale, dress code and attention to detail make it a must-visit if you're looking to dine on the finer things during your stay. Two-Michelin Star Chef Danny Grant and team present a refined menu focusing on wood-fired, modern Italian cuisine in an atmosphere of unmatched elegance. Make a reservation well in advance and prepare to indulge in one of the best places to see and be seen in Dallas.


The French Room

If you're staying at The Adolphus Hotel, and even if you're not, make a reservation for The French Room. Thoroughly restored to its peak glory, The French Room takes pride in offering an exciting, awe-inspiring exploration of culinary and service excellence. This opulent dining experience is enough to make any Francophile green with envy. Should you miss out on a dinner reservation, try booking high tea during the afternoon for an extravagant 'treat yourself' moment.


Town Hearth

Don't let the unassuming exterior lead you astray – Town Hearth is nothing short of a Texas-sized dose of extravagance. Whether it's the scuttled yellow submarine in a supersized fish tank, the 1974 Ducati Sport listed on the menu as the option of a side (for an easy $75,000) or the 60 giant chandeliers showing off from the ceiling, let there be no doubt that Town Hearth is a level of indulgence like you've never seen. When Dallas Chef Nick Badovinus does anything, you can bet it's all the way and then some. Being 'extra' has its perks and a seat at the bar at this lively, sultry steakhouse will affirm exactly why you're keeping this Dallas destination all to yourself!


Drink here: 

Apothecary Bar

A chic new bar that is already making giant waves in the Dallas drinking scene is Apothecary on Greenville Avenue. Intimate and artfully decorated, Apothecary feels indulgent and a little bit daring – the perfect place to find a corner and people watch while perusing the 'Illicit Elixirs' portion of the menu where you'll find unique and quirky concoctions that make for a memorable moment.  For dessert, what could feel more decadent than eating a . Each candle can be noshed on to reveal a different delicious dessert.



They say food and drink can transport you to a different place, and there is no better spot than Atlas to take that recommendation seriously. Nestled into the cozy Bishop Arts neighborhood, Atlas prides itself in a 'drink by destination' style menu. High-end cocktails themed for the part of the world they're from delivered in a moody, Edgar Allen Poe-inspired atmosphere is just the thing to take your solo journey to the next level.


Midnight Rambler

Located in the basement of The Joule Hotel, Midnight Rambler is the perfect late-night lounge to grab a nightcap (or two) and enjoy the energy and electricity of the city. It's effortlessly cool and just fancy enough to make the heels you wore for your 'date with yourself' totally worth it. The vibe is understated and edgy and the same can be said for the drinks. Crafted by Gabe Sanchez, award-winning Best Bartender in Dallas, you are guaranteed to find something you like whether adventure is calling your name or you tend to play it safe.



The beauty of solo travel means you can do whatever you want whenever you want to! For more ideas on things to do, live music and performances to enjoy, tailored shopping experiences or ways to indulge and pamper yourself, check out our guides to have the most memorable experiences in Dallas.